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so there has been this discussion about any changes that would improve /a/. im really repeating what ive been saying all along but here is yet again the original idea to channel /a/s unwanted content to single threads so it would spam the entire board:

lets form /a/nime club for those who want to join:


1. choose a tripcode base on the colour you like (do like the idea? Then mimnimize the thread instead of spamming. Be sure to look what color are already taken and get familiar with the concept. Use the code only in /a/nimeclub threads.
2. any user of /a/nimeclub may start /a/nimeclub thread at any time.
3. in the beginning of /a/C thread introduce your latest ideas concerning /a/nimeclub and stuff you want get into. Wait for until other member respond.
4. the point of anime club is to provide alternative base of discussion for those who want experience different aspect of anonymity. The whole idea is base on user contribution so let it develop freely. New rules can be added if majority of /a/C user will it.