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I just finished Kotomi's arc (in b4 slowpoke) and I must ask... Are they serious? Key/Kyoani tends to go on the farfetched end of things for the sake of drama and loving the characters, but this is a bit ridiculous. Like the suitcase. What the hell was up with the note? "Take this to my daughter", were her parents EXPECTING to die or lose their suitcase? I kind of understand the letter, being a clever ruse to explain the world in pure simplicity, because of nature's simple beauty, rather than a complex thesis, but having that "give this to our daughter" thing made little or no sense. That's a bit too free-sprited for my tastes. And then how the "thesis" that Kotomi had burned was actually a catalog of teddy bears. WHO KEEPS A CATALOG IN A MANILA ENVELOPE!? If it had been like an old thesis or a copy that had already been sent or something, it would be a little bit more believable. On this arc, they were trying just a bit too hard.