why does all anime suck

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Cowboy Bebop - great show for 15-year-old nerds
FLCL - lol puberty, watchable
Serial Experiments Lain - the epic master piece of our times
Genshiken - manga is better, anime goes nowhere
Cromartie High School - whats this, sounds boring, probably just another lame highschool comedy/romace anime
Berserk (manga) - looks retaeded, but hey "adult attack!"
Samurai Champloo (except for the middle episodes) - samurai, great big swords, boring
Gungrave - just another shounen for preteen boys
Gits: SAC - movie was better
Angel's Egg - so angel are birds now, huh?
Akira - manga was better. anime is just worthless.
Ghost in the Shell - yeah, the real stuff. where should reborn girl go from here. the web is vastly infinite.