398 copies of Shounen Sunday for Sakuya

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This week’s Shounen Sunday comes with a free card of Sakuya from Hayate no gotoku which can be used in the Hayate no gotoku TCG. In commemoration of the Sakuya card, a certain Sakuya fan has brought upon himself to buy 398 copies of the magazine.

He had to travel to 82 different branches of 7-Eleven buying several copies of Shounen Sunday from each branch to complete the task (leaving a few copies so others can get their own copy)

398 is a wordplay on the name “Sakuya”, which is why he bought 398 copies. And each copy of Shounen Sunday costs 250 yen (2.50 USD), so 398 copies comes up to 99,500 yen (995 USD).

…I wonder how he’s going to get rid of 398 copies of Sunday.