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Good evening, Anonymous! I'm in LA right now visiting a relative. Let me tell you about my day!

I'd have to say the highlight of today was visiting Little Tokyo. At first, I was apprehensive about going there because I figured it'd be filled with gaiafags and their horrible Hot Topic Death Note bags and things, but to my surprise, I only saw one such person there. I wistfully thought about how cool it would be if anonymous-kun could sweep by that person and crush them with their suppressed power levels. The most I did was wear a look of deep disgust as I walked by that person. It felt like sticking my nose into someone's asshole and breathing deeply.

My mom wanted to stop by the Japanese grocery store there, so we went in to look around. To my pleasant surprise their shelf of small toys and figurines was filled with figures from Hokuto no Ken and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I was expecting Naruto and Bleach shit, so this was really surprising and really nice. In my excitement, I almost grabbed them off the shelves, eager to bring them home to surprise anonymous-kun with when I realized that I had no anonymous-kun to receive my gifts, so I put them back. But I'll bet that he would've been thrilled to have them.

On the ride home, I cried a little bit at having no one to share mochi ice cream or Jojo figures with. Hopefully my tears won't ruin my the leather interior of our car.

Anyway, that's enough about me. Sorry if it was tl;dr. How was your day, anonymous?