Shows that have a good chance at getting licensed / relicensed this year

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You probably won't be seeing many shows being licensed until the 2nd half of the year. Since companies such as ADV and Media Blasters are busy putting out the excess titles they have now. But some shows that have a good chance at getting license include:

Hidamari Sketch - If the manga sells well there's a really good chance that this series will come to the States. A lot of anime companies are trying to cash in on the moe market ever since Air TV sold well in the US.

Dennou Coil - Kinda obvious.

Can't say much else about anything else that will get licensed this year. But those two are high probabilities.

As for relicenses:

Higurashi - Guaranteed to get licensed. just a matter of when.

Black Lagoon season 2 - The dub already aired on Canadian TV. Wouldn't be difficult to release on dvd plus season 1 sold well.

Wish I could say the other shows will get license but there still in murky waters.

Also for those wondering when the Gurren Lagann dvds are coming out. You probably won't be seeing the first volume until early Summer or possibly later. Looks like they've moved back their release schedule on this one.