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‘Sup, /a/?
Quick question for your from a local editfag. I’ve been meaning to have my say in this whole /a/ and its separation from /jp/ for a while now. Need your help quick, first.

Does anybody have that /a/ vs. /jp/ picture with /jp/ on the left with sparse Touhou and Tsukihime faggotry as well as some 3D panty-shots, and /a/ on the left with a 4-panel summation featuring Kaiji, Slayers, the horse-punch from Vinland Saga and one other thing I can’t remember?
The original artist invited me to shoop it for greater accuracy, but I failed to save it before I had to go somewhere, so I’d appreciate it if anyone has it.

Normally I ask for stuff in /r/, but this is completely specific to /a/ and its relationship with /jp/. Also, /r/ fucken’ sucks.
Thanks in advance, /a/.
In return, I give you Kana with head-phones.