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So I've decided to turn this

Hiromi is lovemaking in the missionary position, in bed, with the lights out. She bites your shoulder to muffle her cries. She cuddles against you all night. In the morning, she makes you a delicious traditional breakfast.

Aiko is furtive fucking in a steamy kitchen, her squeals and gasps covered by the whistling of a teakettle, while her boyfriend waits at a table outside. After, she serves you and her boyfriend noodles. She sits by him, holding his hand, while she turns towards you with such longing in her gaze that you feel an urge to pull back to the kitchen, bend her over the sink, and have your way with her again.

Noe is sex in a treehouse. You are bound and blindfolded the whole time. She gently licks a poem in kanji from your knees to your chest before mounting you. Her moans are slow and breathy at first, but her cries grow higher and quicker, and she calls them aloud into the open sky. Afterwards, she removes your blindfold, and feeds you berries with her toes while humming.

Into a Fanfic. Who should I do first?