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Seated against the wall, Yuij-kun watched on as the girls practiced their footwork. Back and forth they swayed, their bare feet deftly rising and falling; their soft footfalls the only sound in the dojo. Yuji had always admired the girls’ beauty: their supple curves, their smooth skin, their aromatic hair. But today, he found his attention drawn to a part of their beauty he had never before acknowledged.
Despite their hard training, Kirino, Saya, Miya, Satorin, and Tama all had remarkable small and feminine feet. Yuji had never fancied himself a fetishist, but he could not help but notice Saya’s smooth arch, the cuteness of Satorin’s toes, and the delicateness of Tama’s thin ankles. Fascinated by this new revelation, he observed the graceful movements of their feet with greater interest. As he watched, he began to feel his lions stir. “What? Why? There’s nothing sexy about feet!” he told himself. Yet still, his mind imagined the softness that he had never before felt. Every raised heel, every curled toe only served to fuel his new sexual fascination.
Kirino’s sudden declaration of the end of practice woke him from his contemplation. Had he been staring at their feet this whole time? “Shit, did they notice?” None of the girls’ gazes swung his way. All of them made their way to the changing room and showers. “Whew, looks like I dodged the bullet” Yuji thought to himself. As he rose, he saw something in the corner of his eye. It was at the doorway the girls had entered. Kirino was coming back out, and had a mischievous smile on her face. Yuji must have looking at her strangely, as she immediately said, “Er, don’t worry, I didn’t sweat all that much today.” “Oh, no! I didn’t say anything! Sorry!”. “Shit, why am I so nervous?” he thought. But then again, it was strange for Kirino not to be the first in the shower. Why was she out here?