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Japan unicef associaton wanna change the law anti-child porn in japan.

principal changes.

(1)possesion of child porn will be puniched
(2)inclusion of anime manga and games in this law.
(3)prohibited to adult actors act childrens.
(technically, make young voice is prohibited.)
(4) will be considered child the character or person less than 18 years old.
(technically, ALL the characters, like kotonoha and sekai are lolis and makoto is shota.)
(5) tha definition will be based in appearance of characters.(if chaolo-san is in japan, he or she would be arrested for draw LAS LINDAS.
yes, look under 18 is loli in this law.
so, in this law, look 17 years old is loli too...)

my english and japanese is not good enoght to traduct all, but I wanna discuss with more people.