Haruhi Suzumiya

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Finished the anime. It was pretty good. enjoyed it.

But for fucks sake, the dance at the end is fucking godawful. Why do people even pay attention to it? Why has it gotten so much attention? It has nothing to do with the show, it has nothing to do with the characters. It's just mindless crap. The song isn't even good, it's just obnoxious pop with no melody to speak of (at least the opening is a guilty pleasure with some nice hooks, and that chorus has some interesting harmonies, but hearing that damn hyper synth in the beggining of Har har yuki or some crap pisses me off). The fanservice was also a pain in the ass to see apart from crappy cosplayers doing some pathetic irrelevant dance.

Knowing how such adaptations usually compare with the original works, I was casually interested in it enough to read the novellas as I'm an unemployed lazy bastard. Up to Volume 7 now, and as faithful as the anime was for the stories it has done thus far, it's still substantially better (and volume 4 was honestly fantastic).

But who gives half a shit about my worthless opinions. All I wanted to say is that I swear, if I see that fucking dance one more time...