Geass R2

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It's coming soon, and so am I, just thinking about it.

ITT Geass Season 2 Speculation and Theory.

Some important facts to know:

Lulu failed the Elevens, and because he's a faggot, got Area 11 demoted to complete martial law. Meaning, much worse conditions than before.

Suzaku and the Emperor get along well, apparently. I figured they would, because Suzaku is simply put the best soldier, and the Emperor puts great emphasis on strength.


My theory? Lelouch will get to the very end, kill Schnitzel, the first prince, and then the Emperor, but the emperor will kill him at the same time. Then Rolo, who stuck by Lulu for this very purpose, will kill everyone else in the royal family as the main threats are gone, rule, and turn Britainia FABULOUS.

...But only for a short while, after which Dark Nunnaly awakens, mind-controls Suzaku to kill Rolo, and then Nunnaly rules Britainia with Suzaku as her champion and sex slave.

Feel free to add your own speculations.