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Call me a troll. Call me a hater. I just gotta get this out of my system.

So you guys think that Vinland Saga is the shit, right? Well, then you need hear me out on this. I decided to check it out since I usually at least take a look at everything that gets hyped in /a/. I kind of trust in you, you know. Anyways, I was expecting a good historical manga with decent characters and innovative plot development. What the fuck? This is nothing but below average shonen with a bit improved art. Why is this piece of crap getting all the attention? Honestly. I checked Naruto out like years ago and I didn't like it. Yes, whether you like it or not this just another Naruto all over again. I've grown out of it, man. The problem with you guys is that tend you accept this shitty manga with open hearts and yet you spit on stuff like Naruto. I mean, come on where is the elitism? Elitism is not when you take shit out of it's context like that and throw a fuckfest of hyping. Elitism is when you actually know what is what and have an strict opinion based on you vastly superiour knowledge. This isn't fucking knowledge. No, this is plain utter retardness. If you hate Naruto then you _do not_ fucking accept crappy jutsu fighting shonen at all. Vikings, Ninjas, UFOs, whatever the setting is does not matter. Jutsu fighting shonen = shit, okay? That's the bottomline. Vinland Saga is nothing but generic fighting manga with dumb charas with stupid motives, predictable plot, stupid story, filled fucking pointless ninja esque fighting. You should be ashamed for reading such retarded crap. Bishie king was acceptable, though.