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When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer that they ended up actually being able to treat. But when they thought I was gonna die in like six months, I got a Make-A-Wish wish. I said I wanted to meet Sailor Moon. Of course they weren't gonna tell a dying kid that Sailor Moon doesn't exist, so I guess they just got a professional cosplayer. So I got to meet this hot chick who looked like Sailor Moon. I asked her how she managed to become Super Sailor Moon even without the Holy Grail and she was like "uuuuh" and it was pretty obvious she had never actually seen the show before... It kinda sucked. The Make-A-Wish foundation dumped this second-rate senshi wannabe on me?

But anyway, I got over it, and I'm still alive. To this day I tell people that she healed me with her Silver Crystal.