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Before I go to sleep, I'll probably stay awake for an hour or so, dreaming about a date with an ideal /a/nonymous-kun. We'd probably hang out for a bit at a nice restaurant or cafe then come home and comfortably nestle ourselves in a soft couch and watch Akagi or Kaiji together. We could shit bricks every time Kaiji does something GAR or whenever Akagi Rons. We would both squirm with delight at how moeeee~ Kaiji is and fap vigorously at Akagi's GARness. I've got some strawberries and milk, so we could try making strawberry milk out of that and realize the truth behind it. And then we could go to sleep together, and we'd both finally realize how it feels to hold a person of the opposite gender in our arms.

I'll probably end up wetting my pillow with tears at my roneriness, but that's okay. That's why I have so many spare pillowcases by my bed stand.

Anyway, sorry for boring you. Goodnight, /a/!