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So, I notice my Planetes torrent is going ridiculously slow. I check all my ports and blah blah and make sure everything is fine on my end. I check my router, etc. Finally I go and ask my brother if he's downloading anything that would make my Planetes go at fucking 6 kb/s, and he replies "Oh yeah I'm downloading Shuffle, it looks like it's better than Maburaho"

Rage moment #2:

Upon realizing there's nothing to eat, I ask my brother if he'd like to go out to get some In N' Out. On the way he says "Oh I watched xxxHolic, the people you asked about it are stupid, it's comparable to Mushishi in art and story."

I can't take it /a/. If I RAGE any more my heart is going to give out and I'm going to die from a burst aorta.

Also, Yotsuba thread.