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Allright /a/, its been awhile since I have watched any anime, but I caught half an episode of Death Note on late night TV and I’m interested in seeing more. I have a couple of concerns though that I think /a/ may be helpful with-

1) I only liked L and Light. Especially L, who seems like a total badass. The rest of the cast, lil’ miss pop star, “I’m an idiot” boy, and “bawww I have a family” guy are the types of character I stopped watching anime because of. ‘Whats the ratio of good character screen time’:’Bad character screen time’?

2) This was the dubbed version. L sounded amazing, Light was very typical “I’m anime protagonist guy!” and the rest of the cast was meh to annoying. Is the subbed version any better? Does L have similar vocal inflections? (if you can see the pattern, I really just liked the L character)

3) Is the series worth watching? Let me know your opinions.

Thanks /a/