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things we know from the premiere of episode 26 (or episode 1 of R2):
-shirley calls lelouch "lulu" again
-lelouch doesn't remember anything about OoTBK
-karen still in OoTBK. She's also tried to retrieve lelouch in the cassino but failed
-lelouch checkmates the black king with his white queen in a chess match. the black king then calls him a cheater. the black king orders his guards to seize lelouch.
-the emperor and some of the knights of the round knows that lelouch/zero still alive
-Britania is using lelouch as a bait to lure out C.C.
-some high ranking member of OoTBK knows that lelouch is zero
-Ougi and Tamaki still have faith in zero, chiba calls zero a betrayer
-OoTBK raids the cassino.
-lelouch regains his memory through another kiss from C.C.
-suzaku is the who shot the gun back in the cave scene from episode 25
-episode ends with lelouch regains his geass and orders the britanian soldier(who was spying lelouch all this time) to shoot himself. The scene is said to be very similar to the end of episode 1

so... did i miss anything?