The 10th Strawhat

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1. Oda has claimed that there will be 10 members of the Straw Hat crew.
2. Currently there are 9.
3. I presume the final member will be female.
4. Considering that Robin is the "calm/cool" female, and Nami is the "skanky/hothead",
I presume the third female will be most likely a "goofy/innocent" type
5. The most recent members have been a monster, a cyborg, and a skeleton, this suggests that the final member will also be some strange creature
6. The Thousand Sunny has an onboard aquarium
7. The "necessary" crew positions have been filled.

SO. In conclusion I put to you /a/ that the final member of the Straw Hat crew will be
KISSING GOURAMI, the mermaid designer!