Alternate Endings

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It all started one day when Shiratori went out to get some umeboshi for Kozue. On his way home he ran into a gang that didn't appreciate his feminine looks. When they were through with him they dumped his remains into a landfill and were never seen again. They days that followed were especially tough on Kouze and her children, who had depended on Shiratori for everything. The increased strain brought Kouze into a relapse of DID, only this time the other personalities would come and go on whim without a trigger. During this time Haibara returned to help however he could, but with Kouze the way she was he had no choice but to involve the government who immediately took ownership of Narutaki-Sou, had the children sent to foster homes (which had a bad reputation of being less caring than normal households), and had Kouze hospitalized. Without a home the Kurosaki family moved to a shelter as Sayoko was too proud to move back with her family. During the time in the shelter Asami became ill and would never recover, and without her precious daughter Sayoko had no reason to go on. Soon after she took her life with sleeping pills.