Akagi's Russian Roulette

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I know you're wetting you're panties just reading this. If you win, you're allowed to do anything to me. Need I say more?

1= *Click* ... ZAWA ZAWA...

2= *BANG* Nothing of importance was lost.

3= *BANG* After tending your wound with tissues, you managed to walk away with a fractured skull.

4= *Click* You survived but I decided to punch you out.

5= *BANG* ..."You're a retard."

6= *BANG* You lie defeated in your own puddle of piss and tears.

7= *Click* NANTOKANARE!!!

8= *BANG* I cheated. >:^)

9= *BANG* Your carcass became Ichikawa's dinner.

0= *Click* The gun wasn't loaded and Akagi took off with your money.