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Why the HELL can't that pink-haired bitch just shut the fuck up for about 2 seconds so the viewer can take a break from her ungodly annoying voice talking about shit that noone cares about... The 1st episode alone had more girly shit than I'd be content with throughout an entire series. Not to mention that hearing the OP and ED is a fate worse than having your genitals sawed off with a rusty chainsaw and shoved up your ass. Seriously -- most of you guys are 18++ years old. How the fuck do you justify your lifestyle to friends and family? Isn't it embarrassing to be watching stuff like Shugo Chara as a grown up? Don't you ever think how wrong it is to fantasize over pubescent cartoon children?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go murder the pricks who recommended me this crap, and then I'm gonna find a nice brick wall to bash my head against in hopes of erasing the memory of this shit.