Answerman faggotry

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>It appears to me that right now we have, to speak in generalities, two different sorts of people participating in the fan community.

>The first would be the old guard; people who maybe download some fansubs and keep up with the community but still maintain a healthy, active interest in new anime and still buy DVDs and merchandise. They support the R1 companies and the Japanese content providers and, in general, tend to look down on the other folks who pop up in community message forums.

>The other is a new breed of fan - generally much younger than the first, and is quite used to getting anime for free. They were "raised", in a sense, on fansubs; anime is a disposable medium, something they watch because they can do it for free, and also something that a thriving chat community surrounds. They're not only caught up in the show itself - which can be had for free with no ads and zero consequences - they're also mired in the social circles that surround it. They're not "traditional" anime fans - they're new blood, people who want to watch this stuff but have no personal investment in it. Some of them have become bizarrely militant about it and have taken up "the cause" of providing the product for free to everyone, regardless of the legality or (even less so) the morality of it, be it through YouTube or whatever. But that's how it is, and times have changed.

I love how he brings up the MORALITY of watching shit on Youtube, when everybody in the internet age now is used to instant gratification. There's nothing immoral about it. He's just a capitalist cocksucker because he thinks he'll be rich one day. "BUY ANIME DVD!"