Let's dicuss Berserk

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I'm up for a serious discussion on this, so please so saging and 1/10...

I've read a couple of volumes, and didn't enjoyed it somewhat, but it didn't live up to the hype it gets on NF (I was an NF'er when I read it).

A couple of things that makes this a good, but not a classic:

>1: Art is stuck between artistic and generic.

Backgrounds are great, but character designs are generic (just read any American action comic) and it's quite pathetic to think that this guy spends a month drawing a chapter, when Inoue spends a week drawing ten times greater backgrounds and faces.

>2:The story drags on forever, and is currently stalling.

Tolkien spent 12 years writing The Hobbit and the LOTR-trilogy. Berserk is neither as epic, nor as good as it, and it has been running for 18 (EIGHTEEN) years. Without no sight of an end in near future.

>3:The fanbase:
You guys are as obnoxious as those One Piece and Narutotards. It's impossible to give any reasonable critic of the manga without being flamed, accused of trolling or isolated.

You think of your beloved Berserk as a classic, as a great monument in the history of manga, while most people who have read more than shounen and mainstream seinen, know that it is nothing but a good manga, not great, not a classic, just good.

Pic related, because it's a great manga with an end.