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So there you have it, /a/ is officially fucking dead. It couldn't afford chemo, so it died.

Yup, he's dead jim.

Front page constantly flooded with shitty copypasta, horrible trolls, Naruto/Lucky Star/Bleach threads (without a single sage or hate post mind you). People calling each other newfags, samefags, gaiafags, etc. for no other reason than to feel superior about themselves. And this isn't just daytime /a/, but the night time /a/ as well now. No more intelligent posts, no more intriguing and mature conversations, just shitstorms and failposts.

Also I know, you will not be missed, and nothing of value was lost, /a/ was always shit, etc. However, in that massive pile of shit, there was still a sparkle of gold, a silver of light, in what was considered the anus of the internet. Now that that's gone, there's basically nothing left.

tl;dr Goodnight, sweet prince.