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...About love and all that. It\'s not so easy, you know. All of the sudden you meet this special someone and before you even know it you\'ve fallen head over heels for just another beautiful stranger that you happened cross paths with. It’s all so chaotical, you know, so random and yet so meaningful. Like the whole world has been literally turned upside down in a split second. You thought, no, actually you very certain that you were hostility ridden Yin for life, but suddenly the feeling changes you into Yang that Yin gives birth to and all you can do is to scrutinise as the strange itch takes over you stomach, lungs and eventually your whole torso, arms, legs, all that jazz. That’s how it is. There’s no way around it. I mean, you knew that this little affair is destined to be a total train wreck from the very beginning and all you can do is to follow the path of Shiva ´till the bitter weepy end. You knew, she was way above your standards. She’s the blondino type that all of the guys in the class drool over.