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Hi newfags from gaina. Maybe you're wandering why people here hate you so much? You want to get oriented on /a/? Then you're in the right thread.

So, look at this flood of comments made by "Anonymous" on the front page. Believe or not, they are all posted by a single person. We call him /a/nonymous, or by his nick name, "/a/non." I'm pretty sure you'll be soon astonished at his profound philosophy and helpless faggotry. He is the leading expert on anime and manga. He is gay and pedophile. That's why he recommends you boku no pico and Lucky Star whenever you ask him what you should watch next. But he's not the sole member of this board. When you run into a specific name or seemingly random letters attached to a post, you're reading a canard made up by a "namefag" or "tripfag" respectively. Don't respond to them, let alone trust them. They are evil.

Now you've learned enough to get by. You can surf /a/ alone and soon find you're all alone. Lurk fucking moar and have fun!