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Oh what a fool, what a fool, what a fool I was. I can't believe I thought this would get me into the series. What a boring, forced piece of garbage. I can't list my points in paragraph form as I'd have too much to complain about. To keep it short and sweet:
-The movie would've been better with the main guy brooding from start to finish.
-What the fuck was up with the clown in his nightmare. I can't stand clowns personally, but WTF?
-Such bad pacing. There are tons of other drama animes that do it better.
-etc. etc.

There some positives however. Sunahara needs his own harem(or anything) show NOW! Nagisa's parents were cool. Aikido teacher. Basically all the sub-characters were good in their own right. Except for the two school council chicks. They suddenly became friendly?

TL;DR SHIT SUCKS except for Sunohara