Shakugan no Shana Second

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So I'm catching up on this series after getting bored with it for a while, and I must say that it is quite an effort. I want to keep watching it because OH GOD SHANA IS HOT etc, but I really can not stand the plot so far. The first season also had a somewhat complex setting with lots of terminology, odd powers, and plot twists, but it was interesting and enjoyable. This time around, the story is godamn convoluted and confusing: [spoilers]things are coming out of Yuji's stomach, Yuji is turning into other people, but then back again for no reason at all, etc.[/spoilers] It's a mess. I trust that everything will be answered eventually, but the show is really doing a poor job of presenting everything. It's a shame too, because I genuinely enjoyed the first season.

tl;dr - anybody else have no fucking clue what is going on?