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Magic the Gathering Online related, if you don't like it don't look.

I just met a tourneyfag on MTGO, apparently if you win under any condition vs an MTGO tourneyfag it's "luck" and nothing else. It went sort of like this:

Used my B/W Discard/Removal deck, he had a deck worth like 500 USD. I completely DEVASTATE him. Funny thing is, my deck only costs about 5 dollars if even that... Anyway, skipping to the last part of the game.

His turn: he summons a 7/7 creature, you have to sacrifice something to keep it on the field. if you don't sacrifice the owner takes 7 damage. He ends his turn

My turn: I use Pillory of the Sleepless and stop that bitch, and I have a few nice cards ready to end the game on my next turn. I end

His turn: Nothing special. He ends, sacrificing his last creature.

My turn: I use Strands of Undeath on my Abyssal Nocturnus, he discards 2 cards and both of my abyssals gain +4/4. and then I use Cry of Contrition and he discards again, abyssals gain +2/2 raising them to 8/8 each. 16 damage right there. he has 8 life left


I end my turn, it's his turn. Pillory hits him for 1 lowering him to 7, and then his creature has to suicide since it doesn't have anything to sacrifice. Bam, 7 fucking damage. I win.

First words he typed:
"your lucky" (note, the "your")
so I reply "Nah, you just suck."
So he starts asking for a rematch, I refuse, he calls me a coward, I accept the rematch and we both use a different deck. Destroyed him on turn 3 with my Ravager Affinity deck. Before I could finish him off he closed the game.

tl;dr. owned a tourneyfag, he cried, owned him again, he ran away. Also, I just killed /a/ for the Internet Explorers.