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They have violently RAPED and slaughtered some of our favorite movies, books, and video games. They say they have the "best intentions" while doing it. They say it will be a loyal adaptation. When we all have realized its only for one thing. The money. I for one am very tired of hollywood remaking the amazing movies, books, and video games i have come to adore. So when i heard that warner bros. and Stephen Norrington where remaking Akira, in LIVE action, my first emotion was sadness, then frustration, then anger. i am only one person and i am on a personal mission to do what ever i can to stop, fuck up, and destroy this film in any way possible.

Members of 4chan who also want this remake to never see a single movie theater, please band together and aid me in my quest to destroy this abortion of an idea.

Remember this affects all of us, please make the right decision.