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Percentage of welfare recipients that are illegal aliens : between 36% and 45%
Percentage of legal immigrants who swear never to take government money: 100%
Percentage of Prison population being jailed for violent felonies that are illegal immigrants 37%
Percentage of legal immigrants told they WILL be deported if they commit a felony 100%
Percentage of mexicans, democrats, and people with no decent comebacks who will call me a xenophobix nazi for pointing this out: 100% (just a projection)

Remind me again why they are entitled to another countries benefits more so then LEGAL immigrants who work hard and obey the law?

You're not "native american mestizo" just cause your spanish ancestor raped an indian, we have lots of part indian people in America except they were from indians of this region.

The border didn't "cross you" those people in that region are long dead, you walked over the NEW border established long befor you were born.

Asians, africans, and europeans are forced to obey our immigration laws, why not beaners?