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Genjo-subs, regarding Ghost Hound.

>Awesome, thanks for continuing the project.
>Though, could you possibly skip those episodes that have already been released by other groups? It’s just plain silly to put hard work into a job which has already been done.
> Otherwise, you have my thanks

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>Mar 12th, 2008 at 11:41 am
>No. Famesubbing is lame, just like you suggested there. We do the work because we enjoy doing it, not to get more download numbers…

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This is the reason fansubbers suck.
What sort of subber in their right mind would think there is personal merit from doing the same shit as someone else, AND THEN MAKING A POST ON HIS WEBSITE ABOUT THE FACT THAT ITS READY FOR DOWNLOAD.

If you didn't care about fame, you wouldn't actively make it available for everyone. This shitty excuse is the reasoning for people to OMG LETS SUB THE FIRST EPISODE OF CLANNAD.

I hate seeing these Wastes of Time all over Tokyotosho.