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So I just got done reading the new gunslinger girl (volume 6) I'm disappointed. First of all only one person gets shot in the whole thing and it's just a nameless bad guy. It's all buildup for the new chick who they found raped at the end of 5 (Petrushka) and apparently they are making the process better so the girls can live longer which is nice but that's the only new "Revelation" in the whole damn thing.

Everyone is either on vacation or not killing or anything.

It's safe to say Teatrino will do it's season finale with the end of the Pinnochio Story arch cause this is booooooriiiiing.

You'll notice I put no spoiler tags.... there is nothing worth spoiling. All the big twists (like who is ordering the assassinations) was in book 5, you know back where the action and gunslinging was. Remember when you thought Angelica would die? Her only threat to her life is boredom right now.

Can't wait for some decent Teatrino subs