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From: Joe Anime [mailto:animejunkies@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2003 5:51 AM
To: [REMOVED BY TEMPEST]@urbanvision.com
Subject: RE: ...
Just make sure your Ninja Scroll release is not as shitty as all your other
releases. Your pretty [expletive] dumb if you think you can stop fansubs, their
are 3 other groups doing this series too. You gonna go cry to more fans that
do it for fun, becuase your spending your money on something you know people
can get for free. Leave fansubs to fans or do it for free yourselves. All
you are doing is getting rich off a series we helped make popular.
Cause right now you have ALOT of pissed off people, that are mad at you for
making it so they cannot watch it weekly as it airs in japan, and these are
the same people you are trying to sell this to. They will buy DVD if they
want, and more will buy because they have seen the fansubs and know they
will enjoy it. Who the fudge are you anyways to buy a series we were doing?
We are already sending this series out to more people than your sorry ass
company ever will, why do you feel the need to release it to people? What
are you gaining, besides enemy's. If you really want to sub, come to IRC and
do it, charge if you want to. But then see what it is like to not have your
$$ backing you, see how long you [expletive] last with your 3 episodes a month.
And if your gonna do dubs, then don't worry about our [expletive] subs, people
who want dubs will not care about fansubs at all. You knew we were subbing,
you know people fansub... So why the fudge did you start a DVD company? Cause
you are just fansubbers with rich daddies?
Anyways I have wasted enough time with you sorry fucks.
Rot in Hell,

P.S. you stopped us on Ninja Scroll, cause I know peices of shit like you
that only care about money will try to get the law involved, but remember
some group somewhere will release Ninja Scroll, and they will receive alot of
support from us.
Have a nice day.