ANN ... still sucking cock ...

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Look at this questions ...

>>Based on what you're saying, it sounds to me that it started out with a certain level of ethicality to it. You drop a show when it gets licensed, you don't really leap on shows that you know are going to be licensed, to the point where it's become increasingly unethical and it's been pushed to the point where everything is fair game.

>>So based on what we've all seen – and we've all seen this, it's not a myth or a baseless opinion – the anime industry appears to be in trouble. It might be on the brink.

>>Knowing that what you're doing... would you be willing to say that what you're doing doesn't have any real net positive effect on the business of anime?

>>So why do you continue to do what you do knowing that it's having a negative impact on the people who create the anime you like?