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So people are either going to call me a troll or troll me, but I don't really care at this point.

Basically, I've been denouncing anime for years now even though I was quite the IRC anime fag back in the day. I've decided to get back into the hobby because I do actually enjoy the art form, just not the weeaboo faggots that go with it.

Since I've been behind with the times (like I haven't had much to do with annie-may since 2000-02) I need to know a few things.

1) Where do we go to get our fansubs nowadays? I'm going to presume there are streaming sites... I've heard of crunchyroll from some people I know. Considering who they are though, I'm guessing there's better stuff out there.

2) Is there a particular IRC network that is focused on this stuff now, or is it basically everywhere just like it used to be?

3) Most importantly... what's good and recent? The last show I can honestly remember watching all the way through was either Outlaw Star or Witch Hunter Robin... which isn't much to say, since both were only one season as far as I know.

I can roll with just about anything, honestly, although I do prefer sci-fi/gritty stuff over RUCKY STAH.

Help me or troll me, either way I'm hoping to get some information.