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It's a bit belated, but in celebration of the UBW beta leak, let's have a few Servants conjured up.

Class: Saber
Master: Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière
True Name: Saito Hiraga
Sex Male
Height/Weight 173 cm [5'8"], [?]kg
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength D (B+)* / Endurance C (B+)* / Agility C (B+)* / Mana F / Luck B

Instinct C (EX)*
Divinity C
Riding D (EX)*
Bravery B
Independent Action B

*(Abilities and stats boosted when under the effects of the Noble Phantasm; 'Gandalfr')

Noble Phantasm:
Gandalfr - God's Left Hand [Type: Support / Rank: A++] A set of runes magically imprinted upon Saber's left hand, which allows him to utilize and wield any object or vehicle with a natural expert's skill, knowledge and ability, under the pretext that the object or vehicle in question was created as a weapon, with combat and warfare in mind for its use. Examples of this are the ability to use firearms, fly fighter jets and use any type of melee weapon.

Derflinger [Type: Anti-Unit / Rank: B] A sentient sword, capable of absorbing any magical assault into itself, thus making up for Saber's lack of magical resistance. It is a blade that has existed for over 6000 years, and thus possesses a sense of wisdom that it otherwise keeps shrouded behind a rude and outspoken attitude. It does, however, provide tactical advice and lore unto Saber when it deems fit. It also has a number of abilities which can be utilized once enough magic has been absorbed; one such being the ability to take control of its holder's body and manouver it like a puppet - this is benefitial in a situation where Saber might be rendered unconcious.