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I don't think I've ever been as compelled or moved by the cast, plot, or art of anime (though I'm no authority) as I have been by Code Geass.

+ Amazing art and animation, for the most part. Loved the character designs, the mechs, the world. The colors!

+ Music. It's one thing to get amazing music for a show, it's another to synthesize it perfectly with a narrative.

+ Writing and characterization. For me, it was all in the eyes. The best moments of the show are those glances - from Lelouch, Suzaku, CC, everyone - that pack so much life and emotion in them. And aside from a few instances - "SUZAKU!" and too much "LELOUCH!" - the writing manages to be dramatic without being too soap-operash. Okay, perhaps Euphienator was retarded, but it still got to me.

+ Cast. What a cast! Even the school-friends, which I found more than a little irritating at the beginning, grew on me. Kallen, Orange, Ougie - Lloyd - oh man LLOYD - the whole supporting crew, great designs and great characters.

+ Episode 11. Just totally sublime.

+ Episode 23. It was like a high, just colors, music and emotions flowing, no exposition, just feeling.

+ Something. I guess I'm one of those people for whom the show just clicked. I love how it put relationships at the heart of everything, I loved the unswerving romanticism.