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Ok, I've heard so many people rave about Simoun, so I decided to check it out and possibly buy the DVD's. After watching up to episode 12, I've decided that it's not really as good as people say, and that I wouldn't buy it (whereas I would buy Kamichu, Gurren Lagann, as a point of "quality" reference)

1. It's incredibly uneven. Sometimes the writing is great, sometimes it's really cliche.

2. Episodes 1, 2, and 7 are really good and rewatcheable. The rest are just kind of boring.

3. If I wanted to listen to people talk, I'd read a book...a good book.

4. The animation seems to have a low budget. they took a lot of shortcuts. I'm especially dissatisfied with how much they reuse animation in flashbacks.

5. The music is generally quite good, but that damn smooth jazz song pisses me off.

Overall, Simoun had some real high-points, but it was marred by uneven pacing and equally low points. It's telling that an episode about rape left me thinking "This is dull."