Naoki Urasawa is overrated

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There. I said it. This man is given too much credit. His works are the One Piece,Eyeshield 21 and Naruto of the seinen genre.

I am not saying he's bad. But take Monster for instance. It's not deep. It's a fun read with some stalling moments now and then, but it's not deep. The reason why people love it so much is it's accessibility. It's a manga for teenagers,but with a mature feel to it.
The same thing can be said about all his other works.

I've been to Japan several times,and there he's much-liked, but he's not looked upon as this superior mangaka,with profound works. He's works are shounen for grown-ups.

If you liked Death Note as a 15 year old, you'll enjoy Monster as a 20 year old.

If you loved Eyeshield 21 and TTGL as 14 year old, you'll love 20th CB as a 20 year old because it shares the same themes. (Buhu I am a loser, but now I'm gonna save the world).

I do like Urasawa,but stop giving him so much credit!!

Pic from superior anime not related.