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So Speed Grapher is now being shown on IFC. Really good unique and underground anime.
My problem, this is what usually kills anime. If more people find out about it, then more idiots get attracted to it. Once an anime has merchandise in Hot topic, it's gone to hell. Funimation owns it's rights in America, and they always sell to Hot Topic and other shit stores.

It is one thing for a show to be popular, but the problem is when a show is picked up by the wrong crowed. Such as the hot topic/mall type anime fans who never see beyond the show, and like it for all the wrong reasons.
Ex: Fangirls that watch Death Note, just because L is "hot."
I think Speed Grapher being shown in America Television Stations is cool, but it holds potential threats, such as those mentioned in my rant above.
So fans of the show still reading this, what do you think? Good thing, or bad thing?