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We will be doing DVD releases for this show. As a former member of gg, I was given permission to finish the project on my own if I wanted to. So we're gonna use the existing scripts for episode 1-16. The rest of the episodes will be completed by m33w staff. This is essentially a m33w-BakaWolf project but I am giving credit where credit is due. :) Here's an update on the remaining episodes. One thing I want to stress is that typesetting might have to be sacrificed in order to finish the project. That was the main reason why the project died with gg. And I will consider releasing the regular TV raw subs for 17-26 if there's enough demand. But for now, DVD's get priority.

1 - Released
2-16 - Awaiting timing/TS adjustments but essentially waiting at encoding
17 - Ready for encoding
18 - Typesetting, if sacrificed, then Ready for encoding
19 - Editing + Timing
20 - TL
21 - TL
22 - TL
23 - TL
24 - TL
25 - TL
26 - TL

And before anyone demands the usual gg typesetting, it's not that we don't want to include it, but that we don't have the staff resources to do that kind of exceptional typesetting. Another thing I want to stress is that this is a side project, so please don't expect it to be released as quickly as our other currently airing shows. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in this thread.