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Pokemon Choma good end

"USE THUNDERBOLT" Said ash in the pokemon league tournament. Pikachu sprayed the arena in a bright white bolt of energy, defeating the opponents charizard.

The opponent has been defeated. Ash was now a pokemon master.

Later that evening they had a big ceremony. There was ash at the center of it with his large gold trophy.
The people in the audience gathered around ash. Each of them clapping saying "Congratulations Ash"
As each person said it he felt his body age. He felt himself detach from reality. The people looked more shallow and 2D as the world around him fell away.

When they were all done there was nothing left but a great big blank space.

Off in the distance was pikachu running twords him. Ash got on his knees to embrace pikachu. When he felt him in his arms he could feel the energy go into his body and become one with him. He saw the truth for what it was.

He then found himself in a familiar room. There was his mom and surprisingly Misty in the room. Curiously he looked at the bed only to find himself lying there.

He knew he had a choice. Embrace his fantasy or his reality.
From his experience there was only one choice. He laid on the bed where he lay. Going to sleep for one last time in his fantasy.