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sup /a/ i just finnished reading genshiken ans all, and i just realized i usto be just like them, i mean it was almost a mirror image of my life anime, doujins, games i did it all i even had real asian firends from japan, korea, vietnam, even a sexy hot filipino girl, not like it realy matterd that they were asian, but thier frame of thinking was just diffrent from every one else i knew
but then about 3 years ago anime was just dead to me. manga was still cool n all but life just wasent the same, suce man i usto download a shit load of anime, hell i even downloaded shows that were litarlly hours old just to watch them at my firends house then sped all night talking about any and every thing about it. i mean fuck i even watched gundam seed in 2 days and then did the same for gundam seed desiny, i mean i was so deep into otaku culture it was fucking crazy. but you woulndt be able to tell i was an otaku or weaboo by looking at me hell i dont even own one shirt or pice of clothing in any relation to anime at all, or ever ownd one hell my background has been the windows red 58 green 110 blue 165 color for god knows how long, i just cant stand backgrous with anime on them. and fuck the dowjins doujins doujins my asian firends were my bff jills and all i mean there was nothing about our lives that was off limits, nothing. hell we talked about aour fetishes all the time, and when we watched new shows we would speend hours classafying each characters role style and what other shows or people they where influnced from.