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Description time!

I think though the key elements of the show remain, the reason why each character acts like they do is different.

Let's take Haruhi. In the original show she's basically a perv grabbing girls chests and having no decency, changing clothes in front of guys. Alsp, she is actually insecure because she soon realised that she alone is insignificant. That's why she wants to meet aliens, espers and other such creatures so badly. Her insecure nature and not wanting to be ignored by society is what moves her.

Male version however isn't really a perv but rather still a boy in heart. He doesn't really know that grabbing dicks, molesting the computer club or making somebody dress up in maids outfits or bunny suits is perverted, but rather he looks at it as some innocent fun (a bit oblivious to all of this just like Luffy from One Piece). When he noticed at young age he was insignificant in society he decided he would persue his dream of meeting aliens and other stange creatures someday no matter what. A determination of iron which can't be shaken off no matter what logic and society says. He KNOWS he'll meet them (and he actually has although he doesn't know).