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Episode 11: The truth behind the affair is revealed. Shin's dad did indeed sleep with Hiromi's father who died of AIDS. Shin's mom demands a divorce. This also explains why Shin is such a faggot.

Episode 12: At the festival, Shin dances and Noe and Hiromi exchange dirty looks. 423 sees this, and pulls Hiromi away to have a serious talk where she tells him she loves Shin, at which point he rapes her. The episode ends with Hiromi crying, watching Shin and Noe walk along the quiet bamboo lined path.

Episode 13: Noe sees Shin screaming at birds and dumps him. Shin's mom moves in with Hirome. Both are disillusioned about men and become lovers. Shin's dad makes official his ongoing relationship with bald worker boy.

tl;dr - Shin ends up with Ai, Noe ends up with Kichi.