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I remember it, Anon. I remember it like it was yesterday. I went to my first ever Con because a friend dragged me there. I was only a little bit into anime, but I was still interested in Cons. As I got there however, I a was greeted by fat, greasy, bearded, bald me listening to anime openings on their mp3s on full blast, talking about how cool they were for knowing ever anime in existence, and bragging about how they would soon be moving out of their parents' house or how they talked to a girl a few days previous. It was horrible, Anon. I kept wondering "would I end up like this one day? Would anime turn into an obsession for me? Would I be nothing but a man with wasted potential? No," I thought. "I can like anime and become successful, it's possible, right? Better yet, I can drop the whole anime interest."
My inner voice then began speaking: "No, Jordan, it's not possible. Stop kidding yourself." That's when I burst out crying. I didn't want this.
That's when someone came up to me. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" they asked.
"I must defeat the anime fan in me!" I screamed out.
"No, Jordan," my inner voice said. "You are the anime fan."
And then I was an overweight NEET.