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If any of you physically call this number you are truly legendary.
Brit number - 07864364056.

if you need a cheap laugh call.
if u need your hole call.
if u need advice call.
if u need counceling call.
if u need some1 to tell u to go An Hero call.
if u need some 1 to take the brunt of your abuse CALL!!!!!

belive me anon she does actually deserve it, this aint jsut some sort of personal army equest, but seriously people, ill keep posting this thread till she changes her number. then ill get her new number and give u it aswell.
e-mail address -

as ive said,she does deserve it, it, everything, anything. death, rape,humiliation. i dont care. do your worst.

In b4 An Hero,Personal army, newfag.

please dont let me down.