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>After two-and-a-half years of training Sasuke, Orochimaru's current body begins to fail him, forcing him to begin the body transfer on Sasuke. Sasuke, unwilling to give up his body, fights the process and, like Itachi years earlier, is able to use his Sharingan to stop it. Setting himself apart from his brother, Sasuke also uses his Sharingan to turn the process against Orochimaru, absorbing him into his body. Orochimaru is from that point suppressed by Sasuke, who uses Orochimaru's abilities as his own in the interim. When his fight with Itachi leaves Sasuke without the strength needed to hold Orochimaru back, Orochimaru sprouts from Sasuke's body ready to take Sasuke's body for himself. Before he can do so, however, Itachi seals him in an eternal, inescapable genjutsu.

Good night, sweet prince.